SICA® Loudspeakers presents new neodymium compression driver with 1” voice coil and extremely reduced overall dimensions.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NEW-PRODUCT.jpgThe peculiarity of this model is the SMALL RECTANGULAR GEOMETRY.

The 50x40mm neodymium magnet is optimized to provide VERY STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD along with VERY LIGHT WEIGHT (i.e,. an overall weight of 200 grams only).


The compression driver was developed to fit all applications where SMALL SIZE and LIGHTNESS are required. It is ideal for LINE ARRAYS and WAVE GUIDES, since the unique rectangular shape allows to coupling multiple drivers in a small space.

Despite its small size, this compression driver guarantees the same HIGH PERFORMANCE in SENSITIVITY and POWER HANDLING as the bigger drivers.

CD 40×70.26/N35 8Ω
1″ | 30 W
overall dimensions70×40 mm
power30 W
voice coil diameter1″
throat diameter 1″
sensitivity106 dB
magnet neodymium
suggested crossover frequency2.5 kHz
data sheet
[Z009431, CD 40×70.26/N35 16 Ω]


Trecastelli – Italy, February 2022