The JSIP – Jensen Speakers Interactive player

Welcome to the world first real-time, interactive comparison engine, to allow you to listen, compare and ultimately choose the perfect Jensen Speaker for the tone you always heard in your head.

The JSIP, developed for Jensen by Tonepedia (link is an audiophile-quality database of real recordings, made with real guitars, real amplifiers, speakers and microphones, organized and embed in an easy, immediate user interface. You can create your reference rig by selecting one guitar, with its pickup combination, played in three different styles, driving your choice of three amplifiers, for a clean, a crunch and a lead tone.

Now choose up to four Jensen Speakers at the time to power your rig, and compare them in real time, to appreciate the different tones and colors that they impart to the tone. You can even select your favorite choice of microphones!

It is truly like being in a studio, with three amps and 24 speaker cabinets, each loaded with a different Jensen Speaker, and having a switching system to compare them in real time.
Just click the Play button, and experience all the exciting tones coming from the different Jensen Generations of Tone!

Check out ”The Making Of” video: why and how we did it!


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