Ruote da Sogno, Reggio nell’Emilia, October 16

Jensen Speakers & Overloud together at the Vintage & Guitar Expo 2022 show, organized by Vintage Authority in the Ruote da Sogno incredible location.

Presenting a selection of new and vintage speakers, and showing how Jensen evolved from the traditional, physical speaker to the Digital versions, the Jensen Speakers Original Impulse Response Collection, developed in partnership with Overloud.

A great show, very well attended by a passionate and expert audience, culminated in a Master Class by Ignazio Vagnone from Jensen and Thomas Serafini from Overloud, where we went through the history of Jensen and SICA Altoparlanti, and discussed the creation of the Impulse Response project, aiming to bring the Jensen tone to a new generation of players.


Trecastelli – Italy, October 2022