CD 105.65/N220

Compression Driver
Code: Z009497

Nominal Diameter: 105 mm
Nominal voice coil diameter: 2.5″
Magnet material: Neodymium
Sensitivity: 108.8 dB
Power: 160 W




  • Rated Power measured with 2 hours test with pink noise signal, 6dB crest factor
  • Power on Continuous Program is defined as 3 dB greater than the Rated Power
  • Sensitivity measured at 1W, 1 m in axis within the frequency range, driver coupled to the recommended horn
  • Minimum crossover frequency, 12 db/oct or higher order high-pass filter
  • Due to continuing product improvement, the features and the design are subject to change without notice.

Informazioni aggiuntive

General Specifications
CD Nominal Diameter

105 mm

Nominal Impedance

8 Ω

CD Rated Power AES

80 W

CD Continuous Program Power

160 W

Sensitivity @ 1W/1m

108.8 dB

Voice Coil Diameter

65 mm (2.5")

Voice Coil Winding Depth

3.0 mm

Magnetic Gap Depth

3.0 mm

Flux Density

1.93 T

DC Resistance

6.0 Ω

Resonance Frequency

0.65 KHz

Magnet Weight

220 g

Net Weight

1.3 kg

Recommended Crossover Frequency

1.2 kHz

Throat Diameter

35.5 mm / (1.4")

Constructive Characteristics
Magnet Type


Voice Coil Winding Material

Aluminium Flat Wire

Voice Coil Former Material




Ferrofluid in Air Gap


Spare Part Code


Mounting Information
Overall Diameter

105 mm

Mounting Holes

4 holes Ø6.5 on Ø102 mm

Total Depth

88.7 mm