10 Cx 3 PL

Coaxial Unit
Code: Z005839P-8+8

Nominal overall diameter: 10″
Nominal voice coil diameter: 3″
Magnet material: Neodymium
Basket material: Aluminium Die-Cast
Power: 800 W
Sensitivity: 97.2 dB
Frequency range: 60-20000 Hz





  • Rated Power measured with 2 hours test with pink noise signal, 6dB crest factor, loudspeaker in free air, power calculated on rated Zmin
  • Power on Continuous Program is defined as 3 dB greater than the Rated Power
  • Sensitivity calculated by Thiele and Small parameters, for SPL average in box refer to frequency response
  • Thiele and Small parameters measured with laser system after preconditioning test
  • Xmax measured with respect to a THD of 10%
  • Xvar value corresponding to a decay of the Force Factor, or Compliance, or both, equal to the 50% of the small signal value.
  • Due to continuing product improvement, the features and the design are subject to change without notice.


Informazioni aggiuntive

General Specifications
Nominal Diameter

268 mm / 10 in

Nominal Impedance LF

8 Ω

Nominal Impedance HF

8 Ω

Rated Power AES LF

400 W

Rated Power AES HF

60 W

Continuos Program Power LF

800 W

Continuos Program Power HF

120 W

Sensitivity @ 1W/1m LF

97.2 dB

Sensitivity @ 1W/1m HF

102.1 dB

Voice Coil Diameter LF

75 mm (3")

Voice Coil Diameter HF

44 mm (1.7")

Voice Coil Winding Depth LF

17 mm

Voice Coil Winding Depth HF

2.6 mm

Magnetic Gap Depth LF

10 mm

Magnetic Gap Depth HF

3 mm

HF Recommended Crossover Frequency

1.6 KHz

Net Weight

4.3 Kg

Magnet Weight

532 g

Constructive Characteristics
Magnet Type


Basket Material

Aluminium Die-Cast

Surround Material

Treated Cloth

LF Voice Coil Winding/Former Material

Aluminium / Fiberglass

HF Voice Coil Winding/Former Material

Aluminium Flat Wire / Kapton

LF Cone Material


HF Dome Material


HF Spare Parts Code


Mounting Information
Overall Diameter

268 mm

Baffle Cutout Diameter

232 mm

Mounting Holes

8 holes 6×9 on Ø247 mm

Total Depth

139.1 mm

Thiele/Small Parameters





212 µm/N


36.1 l

X max

+/- 6.0 mm


2.32 %




34.3 g


15.32 Tm


346.4 cm²

X var

+/- 8.0 mm

Le (1KHz)

0.84 mH

Re (LF)

5.7 Ω

Re (HF)

6.0 Ω

Fs (LF)

59.0 Hz

Fs (HF)

700 Hz