Jensen® Speakers presents the new Siverbird line in the Jet Series

A 12” and a 10” Ceramic Speaker, with a unique voicing, tailored for both vintage and contemporary applications, directly inspired by the Blackbird 40 AlNiCo series.

The Silverbird 12 is a powerful rock machine, with a tight, powerful and punchy tone. The smooth top end is optimized for the best rendition of all shades of gain, up to the most searing lead applications.

The Silverbird 10 is faster, more open and immediate, offering a fine balance between clarity and aggression, equally suited to vintage and contemporary tones.

The membrane is bent in its conical shape from a plain sheet of cellulose pulp, and then glued together. This oldschool building technique, commonly referred to as a “seamed cone” increases the mass and the rigidity of the membrane, emphasizing the lower midrange and bass response, therefore is was quite common in vintage-style, small size speaker, to grant a fuller tone.

Both the SB12and the SB10 share a new 1 ½” (38mm) aluminum-wound voice coil with a Kapton former, designed to retain the trademark clarity of the Jensen clean tones, paired with a smooth, progressive contour of the top end response, so critical to achieve a detailed yet controlled tone with lead tones. The medium-sized Ceramic magnets provide the necessary strength to have generous yet tight bass, while the new cone membranes, with a specific treatment on the paper surrounds, deliver a balanced response in the midrange and “presence” zone.

The SB12-70 is of course fatter and fuller sounding, while the SB10-50 has a more focused and present response with the typical immediacy of the best 10” speakers. Versatile enough to deliver an open, airy response in open back cabinets, both models can morph into powerful rock’n roll tone machines in closed back enclosures.

Come and see the Silverbird speakers at our booth no. 4424 at the Namm Show!


Trecastelli, Italy – January 25th, 2024