Jensen® Speakers presents the new Falcon 8 speaker, the first 8” Ceramic speaker in the Jensen Jet series.

Loud, bold and strong, the Falcon 8 delivers bigger-than-life rock tones. with its vintage-flavored voice, it offers some of the fullest tones ever heard from an 8” speaker.

The Falcon 8, the first 8” speaker in the Jensen Jet series, features a seamed cone, driven by a 25mm (1”) copper wound voice coil with an Epotex former, for a higher power handling, and a ceramic magnet.
The Jensen Falcon line is characterized by the natural green cone membrane, that delivers a warm, full bodied tone.

The membrane is bent in its conical shape from a plain sheet of cellulose pulp, and then glued together. This old-school building technique, commonly referred to as a “seamed cone” increases the mass and the rigidity of the membrane, emphasizing the lower midrange and bass response, therefore is was quite common in vintage-style, small size speaker, to grant a fuller tone.

The tone of the Falcon 8 is surprisingly strong and bold for an 8”, with a powerful bass range, well balanced by a natural, vocal midrange, and a quite extended treble response. With its fast response, the Falcon 8 is an excellent speaker for tube combos either of vintage and modern inspiration, delivering a bold, strong response, that will give voice to the amplifier tone in a big and brilliant fashion. The balanced frequency response and the extended top end make the Falcon 8 also very suitable for digital modeling amplifiers, being able to accurately translate the details of the digital effects, and the progressive decay of the reverb and the delay trails.

The Falcon 8” marks a step forward, offering a classic, well balanced tone, but with a firmer, stronger bass response, and a more controlled top end, to perform at its best also with overdrive and heavy distortion tones.
All three Falcon speakers feature the green, natural cellulose seamed cone, for a “bigger than life” bass response.
It is also well suited as an upgrade for small solid state and digital modeling amplifiers, for its balanced, detailed top end response. The Falcon 8 delivers a true, rich, classic guitar speaker tone with the right amount of openness.

Come and see the Falcon 8 speaker at our booth no. 4424 at the Namm Show!


Trecastelli, Italy – January 26th, 2024