Jensen® Speakers presents the new Blackbird 40 AlNiCo Speakers in the Jet Series

A new take on the classic AlNiCo tone, with a bolder voice for vintage and modern players

Trecastelli, Italy, November 2020

Jensen Speakers unveiled the Jensen Blackbird 40, a new 12” guitar speaker in the Jet Series.

The Blackbird 40 is a completely new 40W speaker, with a 1.25” copper-wound voice coil and a reinforced AlNiCo magnet in the classic “horseshoe” format.

The development of the Blackbird 40 focused on achieving two different goals. The first was to retain the classic vintage character and chime, resembling the tone of one of the most popular Jensen Speakers ever, the P12Q.  Second was to offer a significantly increased sensitivity and a stronger magnet engine to achieve a more powerful and firmer bass response. This makes the speaker perfectly suitable for more modern applications, including higher gain and overdriven tones like the Blackbird 100, the brilliant flagship of the Jensen Jet Series.

The key to such improvements lies in the AlNiCo magnet design, which has been reinforced and made more efficient, raising the overall Flux Density (or in other words, the “strength” of the magnet) by over 30%.  This results in the behavior of a much bigger (i.e., more expensive and heavier) magnet.

The outcome is the Blackbird 40: it delivers all the classic, unmistakable voice of a Jensen AlNiCo speaker supported by a stronger, firmer foundation that reinforces the bass range. The Blackbird 40 is equally suited as an upgrade for a classic vintage amplifier as it is for a new modern, more versatile amplifier.

Characteristics & Specifications:

The Blackbird 40 speakers feature a 300gr/11 oz “Horseshoe” AlNiCo magnet, Reinforced to deliver a Flux Density of 1,28T. The 32mm/1.25” voice coil is wound with copper wire on a Kapton former.
The cone membrane has a specially designed corrugation pattern, treated surrounds, and an acoustically transparent cloth dust cap. The increased flux of the magnet contributes to a remarkable sensitivity of 96dB @1W/1m.

Nominal Impedance: 8/16 Ohm
Rated Power (AES):40 W
Continuous Program Power:80 W
Voice Coil Diameter:32 mm / 1.25”
Voice Coil Winding Material:Copper
Voice Coil Former Material:Kapton
Cone Surround:treated Paper, integrated,
Magnet Material:AlNiCo
Basket Material:Pressed steel
Weight:2,0 Kg / 4.4 lbs