CRIBIS Prime Company: the most reliable companies in Italy

October 7th, 2021 – SICA Altoparlanti SRL is glad to announce the confirmation of the status of CRIBIS Prime Company.

CRIBIS Prime Company is a rating of great value since every year it is only acknowledged to about 7% of the over 6 million Italian companies.

It is assigned through the CRIBIS D&B Rating, a synthetic indicator based on a statistical algorithm able to estimate the default probability of a firm. Numerous variables are used for its calculation, including personal information, financial statements, company seniority, payment performances and any negative information available.

CRIBIS Prime Company is the maximum ranking of commercial reliability, it is recognized exclusively to those firms who are able to constantly maintain high economic-commercial reliability and are virtuous in processing payments to suppliers.

The CRIBIS Prime Company rating is both an important recognition for SICA, attesting its economic-commercial strength, and a guarantee for SICA’s commercial Partners.