SICA® Loudspeakers presents new 15” in the PNS line of subwoofers with 4” voice coil incorporating remarkably high-performance features.

4” Sandwich Voice Coil 
2400W Continuous Program Power
96.0 dB Sensitivity
Triple Roll Surround
Dual Cross Spider
Total Waterproof Membrane Treatment
High Excursion Neodymium Assembly
35-2000 Hz Frequency Range
7 Kg Weight

With half kilo neodymium magnet delivering 1,20T Flux Density, the 15 PNS 4 subwoofer shows REMARKABLE SENSITIVITY (96.0dB) with VERY LOW F (37,3Hz) and ACCURATE FREQUENCY RESPONSE.

The vented neodymium magnetic assembly grants OPTIMAL VOICE COIL COOLING and prevents air compression noise with the aid of the open back proprietary aluminum die-cast basket frame.

The strong 4″ sandwich-type copper voice coil with fiberglass former allows a REMARKABLE CONTINUOUS PROGRAM POWER HANDLING of 2400 Watt (1200W AES) that is achieved thanks to the distinctive configuration with inside-outside wiring, granting optimal ventilation on both sides of the wiring and consequent INCREASED COOLING FACTOR.

The triple-roll surround and the dual-cross spider allow OUTSTANDING EXCURSION AND STABILITY.
Compared to the double-rolls surround, the three-smaller-rolls one ensures improved control and precision of the speaker movement with increased radiating surface available, therefore emphasizing both excursion and stability.
The dual-cross spider shows two layers optimized both to compensate the fabrics non-uniformity and to reinforce and prevent the spider from getting broken during hard-working.

The total waterproof membrane treatment on both sides of the cone and the treated surround prevent humidity and water permeability, helping the subwoofer to WITHSTAND ADVERSE CLIMATIC CONDITIONS.


Trecastelli, Italy, March 2021