Jensen® Speakers presents the new Blackbird 10-40 AlNiCo Speaker in the Jet Series

The power of the Reinforced AlNiCo magnet, in a sweet, organic, refined 10″ speaker.

Trecastelli, Italy – July 5, 2022

The Blackbird 10-40 is the natural expansion of the Blackbird family, deriving from the highly successful Blackbird 12-40. It shares quite some build and design elements, as the same exclusive “Reinforced AlNiCo” magnet, and the 1 ¾” (32mm) copper-wound voice coil. As expected, the power rating and the sensitivity are very similar: 40W, 96.4dB.

The Blackbird 10/40 is distinctively vintage voiced, with a warm yet solid bass range, the classic sparkle and chime that are associated with the AlNiCo speakers, and all the immediacy and forwardness that are expected a high quality 10” speaker. A very balanced speaker, with loads of character, and the ability of sounding big, strong, yet detailed and articulated.

Technical Information
The Blackbird 40 speakers feature a 360gr/11 oz “Horseshoe” AlNiCo magnet, Reinforced to deliver a Flux Density of 1,28T, nearly 30% higher than a comparable traditional AlNiCo magnet.
The increased flux of the magnet contributes to a remarkable sensitivity of 96,4dB @1W/1m.
The 32mm/1.25” voice coil is wound with copper wire on a Kapton former.
The cone membrane has a specially designed corrugation pattern, treated surrounds, and an acoustically transparent cloth dust cap.

Nominal Impedance: 8/16 Ohm
Rated Power (AES):40 W
Continuous Program Power:80 W
Sensitivity @1W/1m:96,4 dB
Resonance Frequency (Fs):92 Hz
Voice Coil Diameter:32 mm / 1.25”
Voice Coil Winding Material:Copper
Voice Coil Former Material:Kapton
Dust cap:Non-Treated Cloth
Come Material:Paper
Cone Surround:Paper, integrated
Surround Treatment:Yes
Magnet Material:Reinforced AlNiCo
Magnet Weight:360 g / 12.7 oz
Basket Material:Pressed steel
Weight:1,7 Kg / 3.7 lb

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Photo: Massimo Viscardi @maxidrone_videomaking