Achieving outstanding performances, even while the country retreats: not just to keep sailing, but to do it against the wind.

This Seal certifies the ability of SICA to record superior performances according to the selection criteria object of the “Controvento” (Upwind) research conducted by Nomisma in collaboration with CRIF and aimed at identifying those Italian companies who are able to respond more effectively to the growing competitive challenges.

Against all odds and despite the crisis, some manufacturing sectors in Italy have recently registered a steady increase, often with sensational results. These companies innovate, embrace competitive challenges and are able to move forward even in times of difficulty.

They are called “Controvento” companies in a research recently conducted by the CRIF Group together with Nomisma, an analysis aimed to study and isolate a number of virtuous companies.

A small group of 4.656 out of 70.971 companies, representing the size and manufacturing structure of the country and with revenues of 771 billion euro (over 77% of Italian manufacturing), was identified as capable to navigate also against the winds (Controvento) .

The Controvento companies comply with stringent performance criteria with respect to the main economic-financial variables: revenue, EBITDA, added value. The identified thresholds require a performance equal to or higher than the manufacturing average and define the Controvento competitiveness standard.

The 4.656 Controvento companies are 6.6% of the total manufacturing companies considered in the analysis. They generate 7.9% of revenues (€ 60.9 billion), 12.9% of added value (€ 20.7 billion) and 20.7% of total EBITDA (€ 13.6 billion). In the last 7 years, Controvento companies have seen revenues grow by 71.4% and EBITDA grow dramatically, by 158%.

A clear picture appears: the most virtuous companies in payments are often successful and grow despite the difficulties.

It is therefore increasingly important for all companies to react to market stimuli, respond to challenges and innovate at the right time. The Controvento companies demonstrate this, with their growth and improvement in a time of uncertainty and difficulty.

In addition, in the coming months it will be essential to choose the right partners, with the aim of building profitable and lasting relationships over time.