SICA® Loudspeakers introduces high-performance Coaxial units for Hi-Fi and Studio Monitor applications.

SICA distills the experience gained during many years in the HiFi and Pro-Audio fields by merging the distinctive clean and detailed tone of HiFi transducers with high-tech solutions derived from Pro-Audio oriented coaxial systems.

The new coaxial line currently includes 4”, 5.5” and 6.5” coaxial woofers coupled to a high-performance soft dome tweeter.

The Low Frequency units are equipped with ferrite magnet and 1.5” voice coil, allowing a continuous program power rating of 240W (on the 5.5” and 6.5”) and 200W (on the 4”).

The cone, enriched with SICA’s proprietary surface damping treatment, carries either a rubber surround with double asymmetric roll (DAR) technology, for wide excursion and good extension in the lower end (on the 5.5” and the 6.5”) or a double roll treated cloth surround, for high efficiency in the mid-high range and optimal matching with subwoofer units (on the 4”).

The use of SICA’s proprietary aluminum basket with heat-sink rims and thin but rigid geometry allows the reduction of sound reflection, air flow noise and cavity resonance.

The very compact High Frequency unit is based on an innovative neodymium magnet design, which is aimed to minimize the external diameter of the tweeter while retaining a 1” voice coil, for remarkable power handling.
The treated silk soft dome grants a musical, soft tonal character, yet detailed and clean.

Special focus was placed on the design of the adapter used to interface woofer and tweeter.
The configuration of the adapter is targeted to minimize any mutual interference among the two units, therefore extending the angular coverage over 100°.

Woofer and Tweeter have independent terminals, for quick and easy replacement of the tweeter.

6,5 C 1,5 CP5,5 C 1,5 CP4 C 1,5 CP
overall diameter 6.5″5.5″ 4″
Power240 W240 W200 W
LF voice coil diameter1.5″1.5″1.5″
HF voice coil diameter 1″1″1″
LF sensitivity91.3 dB89.8 dB91.2 dB
Suggested crossover frequency3kHz3kHz3kHz
(with polar diagram and
crossover suggestion)


Trecastelli – Italy, June 2021